Mill Street Crepe Company

As a boy, some 80 years ago, I really looked forward and enjoyed going shopping with my mother and father to West’s General Store. It was an education to see and experience how things were done in this very interesting place of business. They sold everything imaginable and all products in bulk. – Turpentine, Coal Oil, Molasses, Corn Syrup, Yard Goods, Sewing Needs, Crocks of Butter. All the candy came in large barrels. They sold many hardware products, Cistern Pumps, Wire, Pots and Pans. The items were endless, Overalls, Aprons, Straw hats, if you could name it West’s had it.After West’s , The Almonte Cold Storage was born under the ownership of JL Erskine and Alex & Miltan Symington. The transition continued as Cold Storage turned to The Butcher Shop, The IGA, The Hardware Store, Stedmans and now a beautiful Mall and this beautiful Creperie. As the sign says A little taste of France right here in Almonte. Welcome to The Mill Street Crepe Company.